A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A gay adventure game about two men on a tropical island feeling an urge for coconuts and bromantic sex.


  • Fully explorable island (with up to 40 coconuts)
  • Sexy times (aka adult content) with
  • Hunky Mike (see pics), who has some
  • Basic AI (not-just-a-pretty-face)

What's the game really about?

NSA sex is easy, relationships are hard.

How much sex is in the game?

A lot!

How much relationship?

A little. (Requires several playthroughs

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
TagsAdult, Gay, LGBT, Romance, sex
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


CoconutQuest-Windows01.zip 55 MB
CoconutQuest-Mac01.zip 62 MB
CoconutQuest-Linux01.zip 57 MB


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I do like this game but really wish there was some variety in the sex. I hope it gets an update in the future as its a great little game! (Although the new policeman game mentioned below looks pretty good too!)

Will there be a update in the future?


I'm working on a new game in a police precinct.

i'm trying to come up with a story to justify naked policemen dancing. Maybe I'll use coconuts again ;-)

It looks wonderfully hot already! Can't wait for it! <3


not even into dudes, came here because the title/premise reminded me of this video.

EXACTLY this made me think about coconut island

please continue to make games these are great!

Great work, keep up :) Really well done.


I hope these will be available also in android.nice game.

Hi Zackk. Im really a fan of your work. I hope you made more game for free for gay people who want to enjoy this kind of game. I really love also the "my boyfriend the necromancer" I just cant the part 2. Anyways, make more game that we can play for long time. Like tycoon game and tower defence where involve naked guy and sex. I know that game are not simple to do. But you can earn money to it. But please make it free for us. Just make some booster that people can buy if they want to spend money like any other game.  

Is this game getting an update so it can support the new 64-bit requirement for macOS?

What button do I press to pick up the coconuts? ..I've read all the comments below, and opened every link on the page.. yet, still cannot find the one crucial piece of information that's needed to know how to get some action instead of giving all the time. You should add the button information in the options area of the game.

walking on the coconut should pick it up automagically

Thank you. I did that within the first minute of playing the game but that didn't work neither, that's why I come to comments section to question. I currently have my sensitivity on 5,.... next time I'll try it on maxx sensitivity :) 

I liked this! Too bad it's limited. It's fun and full of potential.

oh well its not bad, i just hope there'll be updates. give a handjob/recieving a bj can get boring quite fast

only 2 sex  scene?


they take a lot of time to make!.. I had to animate each bone. Even the one in his dick ;-)

which file contains his model?